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15 Home Sauna Ideas

Having a home sauna gives a refreshing and relaxing experience without having to go far. People go for a sauna session for various reasons such as to have better blood circulation, relieve respiratory congestion or to simply detox for the weekend. That is why people want a sauna within the vicinity of their home so that there will be no hassle in traveling or waiting in line for a sauna session. It will also become a part of their weekly health routine aside from daily workouts and eating a balanced diet. There are different types of home saunas to choose from and learning the specific functions is best before deciding on installing or building one at your place.

What is A Home Sauna?

A sauna is a small space or room that has a temperature between 65 to 88°C. Staying inside a sauna allows the body to sweat all unwanted toxins out via dry heat. The floor area of the sauna is usually waterproof and is commonly placed near the shower area. A home sauna is a favorite because people do not need to drive far to a fitness spa or gym. It will just be at the comforts of your own place in which you may share with friends and family.

Having a sauna requires less maintenance as well. Depending on the type of sauna you prefer for your place, it will still have a significant expenditure. People who plan on having a sauna at home must also be prepared financially as some models are quite expensive. The good thing though is that it adds value and can give you lots of health benefits in the long run.

Benefits for Having A Home Sauna

A home sauna is important for people who want to relax and help the entire body release toxins using heat. No matter what kind of sauna is installed in your house, each type has health benefits. Of course, it is always best to consult a medical professional first if your body can withstand heat without compromising health.

Improves cardiovascular health due to an increase in heart rate

When you are inside the sauna, the heat increases the heart rate, similar to a cardio workout. The high temperature inside the sauna improves circulation thereby bringing blood near the skin and reaches the other extremities of the body.

Promotes weight loss

When you regularly use the sauna, calories are burned and there is increased sweating. Sauna use can increase metabolic rate and promotes weight loss, which is mostly water weight.

Endorphins are released

During regular sauna sessions, endorphins are released by the body. This is due to an elevated heart rate in which stress levels are reduced significantly.

Respiratory wellness

Going inside a sauna offers relief from sinus congestion and other respiratory ailments. Due to the hot and moist environment during sauna sessions, everything loosens up and promotes better respiration.

Helps get rid of toxins

With regular sauna sessions, the body sweats and releases dangerous toxins such as lead, mercury and even nicotine. Fat-soluble toxins are also removed as the body sweats due to the high temperature. That is why people refer to sauna sessions as a detoxifying experience.

Promotes better skin complexion

Aside from providing benefits for the circulatory and respiratory system, having regular sauna sessions opens the pores of the skin and promotes cellular growth. Nutrients are brought to the epidermis of the skin and also relaxes the facial tension.

benefits for having home-sauna

15 Ideas for A Home Sauna

1.Wood-burning sauna (Finnish sauna)

This is a traditional type of sauna which is also referred to as a Finnish sauna. There is very minimal humidity that is why it is also called a “dry sauna”. Wood-burning sauna is primarily ignited by using fire in a stove and then heats the stones. This may be built in a single-family house with a wide space.

2.Electric sauna

An electric sauna functions similarly to that of a wood-burning sauna but without fire. Electricity is the main source of power and steam is created when water is poured over the stones. This is safe to be installed indoors especially for homes located in the city area.

3.Four-person barrel sauna

For those who want to share a sauna with two to three people, a barrel sauna which is powered electrically is a great one to install at home. This is fairly easy to set-up and use. Instant relaxation will be achieved and even more with friends or family together.

4.Infrared sauna

Some sauna devotees may think the infrared type is not really considered a real sauna. But the benefits you get from this type are just the same. Instead of heating the air first, the infrared sauna heats the body directly. Ambiance is more tolerable and cheaper compared to other types.

5.Compact model sauna

This type of infrared sauna has double paneled walls that retains more heat and wastes less energy in the process. It is compact and a beautiful addition to any area of a house. There are also models in which you can play music through MP3 auxiliary connection. Chromotherapy is also incorporated in this type of sauna to create a specific vibration to address different body symptoms.

6.Smoke sauna

The most authentic as Finnish people say, smoke saunas provide the best relaxation and benefits with regards to removing toxins out of the body. There is no stove or chimney in this type. Smoke is aired out and you may begin your session.

7.Steam sauna

Moist heat is used in this type of home sauna. Turkish saunas are of the same kind and also called “steam rooms”. The material used on the panels inside are ceramic tiles or non-porous surfaces. The steam in this sauna is known for helping the respiratory system function properly. Another thing to consider if installing this type of sauna in your home is the risk of mold formation. It is best to hire a professional to do the job.

8.Shower-sauna combination

Some people want convenience more than ever. The steam shower-sauna combo can be the best design you may want to put inside the house. If you already have a shower area, installing the sauna would be easy.

home sauna ideas

9.Two-person steam shower sauna

For people who want to share the experience, a two-person shower steam sauna is best for a home. This can be used as a shower with added heat and steam features.

10.Deluxe with whirlpool tub sauna

Some models of the steam sauna combination have a whirlpool tub which has massage jets to further enhance relaxation. There are also units in which people having a steam sauna can watch movies or shows during the session. These are luxury types which may cost more.

11.Dry sauna with steam shower combination

Some people can afford unique sauna combinations such as the dry sauna + steam shower combo. Professionals must install this type in the house for it to be handled well. Some models have aromatherapy, massage jets and other technological innovation to make sauna sessions epic than ever.

12.Portable steam sauna

There are steam saunas that can be moved and transferred from one room to another. This type is cheaper compared to steam saunas which need to be installed permanently in the house.

13.Sweat lodge

A sweat lodge is also a good option if your home has a wide, open space. This is possible with a wood-burning source and loved by most sauna enthusiasts because it helps promote sleep and reduces stress.

14.Russian banya

This type can be very hot as compared to other saunas. A Russian banya has two or three levels in which the humidity can go beyond 70% reaching 100℃.

15.Custom-built sauna

For people who want a personalized sauna, professionals may be hired to do the design and the type of sauna preferred. Some want their sauna built inside the fitness area while some want it inside the shower area.

Sauna: A Must Have In A Home

Whether your home has little space to accommodate a sauna, customizing one may work out for your place. A sauna is indeed a must have if you need to recreate a spa-like atmosphere to let you relax and chill. Having a home sauna also benefits in expelling toxins in the body. Overall, a home sauna promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Building or installing your chosen home sauna must always be done by professionals. The dimensions and design of the sauna should follow standards set by the area’s building code. That is why it is best to seek help from professionals from a licensed contractor such as Basement Now. They have experts who are great with saunas and other home renovation needs. Please contact us at  647-370-1399 so that we can help make the perfect home sauna for your home.

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