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Basement Renovation Costs

Basement renovation costs are always well worth it at the end of the day. This is a statement of fact that has proven true for everyone who has decided to take the step. Your home is never perfect without a finished basement that boasts its value and increases its livable space.

Basement renovation comes at different prices. This range is mostly dependent on the size of the basement and the quality of the materials you want to have in there. On average, if you are going for complete luxury, you would incur about $35 – $55 per square foot. Using the size of your basement, you can do the math and find out the size of your basement.

In this guide, we are going beyond the total/average cost of finishing your basement. We will deeper and take a look at the breakdown of the various expenses you are most likely to incur.

We will also take a cursory look at the multiple factors that can influence the total cost you will incur in the course of the renovation. Keeps reading to answer all the questions you may have about basement finishing.

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The cost of basement renovation for different houses and persons is dependent on a number of factors. These factors are peculiar to various persons and should be taken into critical consideration. Here are some factors that can influence your basement renovation prices.

factors of basement renovation cost


This has been mentioned earlier as the fundamental determinant of the cost of renovation. The bigger the basement, the more the cost you will have to incur.  Renovation costs can be measured per square foot. Once you get this measurement, it becomes easier to work on your budget.


This is also very critical to your budgeting. Ground conditions vary for different basements. The term ground conditions encompass the cost of excavation, the type of waterproofing you want, as well as how far your home is from the construction needs.

Excavation costs depend on the amount of debris and waste to be removed from the basement. Basements also need waterproofing, which comes in different qualities. The one you pick gives either a nudge or a dent to your budget. The distance of your home to the necessities for basement finishing projects will also influence the cost of basement finishing.


Are you thinking of turning the basement to just a workshop, or you plan to convert it to an in-house cinema? The eventual plan you have for space will affect the cost of basement renovation.

Various plans come with different needs, and materials and all these play a significant role in how much you will spend. When trying to estimate the cost of your renovating your basement, try to factor in the prices of the utilities.



Having your basement area renovated offers you more value than you can imagine. This is the primary reason several homeowners take the pain to restore these spaces to meet a specific need in their home.

Adapting your basement to your need comes with peculiar obligations and utilities. In this guide, we will be taking a look at the vital installations and services needed to turn your basement into a valuable,  comfortable space. This breakdown includes essential utilities that ensure the livability of the basement.


You don’t want to shuttle between rooms through stairs just to get water into and out of your basement. To make the space perfect for anything you may want to morph it into, you need to get the plumbing done. With the plumbing done, water supply and sewage lines will be created. If your basement will have a bathroom area, this is non-negotiable.

Getting this done is not a job for just any random or self-made plumber. You need the help of a professional, preferably someone who has experience in fixing basement plumbing needs.

This is because this is one of the most sensitive aspects of the renovation. During plumbing, you may need to tear down parts of the wall, and you don’t want the whole house crashing down. Also, a professional means that you will be sure of the effective management of the plumbing part of basement renovation.


Building permit costs are unavoidable during a basement renovation. By renovating your basement, you are making changes to your home, in one way or the other. To avoid hefty fines, you need to get a permit before work starts in earnest. This is very important, especially since plumbing, amongst other fittings, will be done on the home. Get approval from your local government office before you get the technicians and material in.


Before you get a bathroom fitted in your basement, you need to have it inspected. This way, the blueprint of the space is verified, and the best way to get the plumbing work done is drawn out.

When the plumbing work is then done, you need to get another inspection done for electrical fittings. Doing this will ensure the whole renovation process is up to standard and wouldn’t attract legal actions by the government.

All these inspections are necessary at different stages of the renovation, to ensure that every risk of hazard is anticipated, figured out and solved. To avoid complications, the cost of inspections must be added to your basement renovation costs.


This cost comes in when the space you are working with is big. If the basement area is large and would be too much for one particular structure, sectioning is an excellent idea. This is especially good if you are looking to have a basement renovation done for more general purposes. You can section and use the various designated spaces for different purposes.

If you are looking to erect walls for these sections, you are going to have to incur the cost of the framing. The cost of basement renovation that will involve framing will be based on these elements;

  • Demolishing run down existent walls
  • Size of room, and the extent of framing needed
  • Erection of more walls
  • Soundproofing and other functionalities to be done on the wall

All these culminate into the potential cost of basement renovation, with regards to framing.


When you finally decide to add a new walled area to your basement, you need to think of getting drywall installed too.  The importance of this cannot be overemphasized, especially once the framing is done. In this case, your cost can vary depending on the type of drywall to be installed.

In most cases, drywall prices average about $10 to $20 for each panel. When this is done, follow this up with the planning and the installation. Per square foot, installation can be as high as $1.50. The cumulative cost is then dependent on the area of your basement.

Once the installation cost is taken, decide on the type of finishing to be used for the wall. Several textures can even make your drywall soundproof — getting your wall soundproof can cost you as high as $50.


Electric fittings are the next logical step when your plumbing and wall fittings are done. The cost of appliances and utilities is moderate and should be calculated during the inspection by an engineer.

Depending on how vast the area is, the electrical fittings part of basement renovation costs can be hiked as a factor of the number of hours the engineer will be working. Per hour, billing by ab engineer can be as high as $50 to $100.

electrical fittings

Wiring is essential in the basement if you want it to serve your needs. Lighting up the basement will surely be a need and can’t be overlooked. To avoid below-quality work, meet with a licensed engineer. Your quote will depend on your house’s space and the professionalism of the engineer in question.

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Basement renovation cost in Canada varies significantly by the various factors that have been discussed above. Getting your basement renovation done is very important if you need extra space. The investment is worth it, as it will lead to a correspondent surge in the value of your home.

The cost you incur is dependent on what you want to use the basement for. Whatever you decide, make sure that your basement renovation operation and costs are handled by the right set of professionals. Most importantly, make sure all the legal paperwork required for a smooth project is gotten to avoid any issue.

Are you looking to get your basement renovated? Perhaps you have lingering questions about basement renovation costs? Contact Basement Renovations Now today!

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