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Benefits of Turning a Basement into an Office

Most of the residences in Canada are known to include basements and attics. These areas are used as storage for some of the homeowners. Others, on the other hand, choose to convert these areas into specific kinds of rooms. There has been an increasing number of households that have opted to convert their basement spaces into home offices. This is actually one of the better investments people can do with these extra spaces. Building your own basement home office has various benefits. These benefits will be shared in this article.


Before discussing the benefits of building your basement home office, you should also consider having it built by a reputable contractor. You may not be able to enjoy the benefits if your basement office is not able to meet building code requirements or if its structure will not be able to last as you would expect it to. Renovating a basement needs extra caution since it is connected to the foundation of your house. A basement renovation contractor is known to employ licensed personnel that may work on different areas of the basement. It has staff that are trained to do structural, electrical, plumbing, and other construction-related jobs.

Working with electrical components in your basement requires you to hire an authorized contractor that employs licensed electricians. The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) imposes this so that your basement will be able to meet the standards set in the building code. Safety is the main reason you should hire the services of a contractor that deals with basement renovation. Not only will it ensure that the strength of the foundation of your house will not be affected, it also ensures that you will be able to avoid getting into accidents while the renovation is going on.


Turning a basement into an office entails using up a significant amount of time and money. Renovations are considered to be investments since they are done to turn unused and unfinished areas into spaces that will be beneficial to the homeowners. Basement offices have various benefits that can overshadow all the effort and expenses that were used to build them. Homeowners need to be familiar with these benefits so that they can decide on the types of rooms they wish to convert their basements into. You may refer to the following for the benefits that are related to having basement home offices:

  •       It is practical if you own your own business.

Renting an office space to run your personal business is an option if your business operations are more focused on manufacturing items that can be sold to clients. The possibility of heavy noise coming from production may not be ideal for your family members. Also, the need for multiple employees may not be achievable with the limited space that a basement provides. However, if you need an office where you and your employees will be doing desk-related jobs, then you do not need to spend on monthly or yearly rent just so you have a place to do this. Paying for additional regular expenses to have your own office may be one of the biggest headaches when opening your own business. The expenses you incur while renovating your basement is an expense that you only have to do once. Paying rental for your office space will only end once you stop using your office. This makes it impractical to keep on renting when you can have one built in your own house.

  •       Having a basement office is convenient.

For homeowners that wish to work as freelancers or plan to own their family businesses, it is always more convenient for them to convert their basement spaces into offices. A basement home office set up saves the owner time and energy from leaving the comforts of the house. In addition, offices would need to be set up with utilities such as water, electricity, and internet connection. If you have a small workforce, or you are just working alone, then you should consider using the current utilities that you have in your house. This will save you from going through all the effort of applying for new connections. Furthermore, convenience also deals with the furniture and appliances that you plan to place inside your basement office. You may opt to move some of your unused furniture into your basement office. Since everything is inside your house, you do not have to go through the hassle of making preparations just like when you are transporting your things to different destinations.

A basement home office can be used to minimize the distractions you may get from your family.

There are many homeowners who are already working within the walls of their houses. Doing this ensures that they do not tire themselves from commuting and leaving their families alone. However, these people still need to consider that there are certain occasions when their jobs need them to be situated in areas that are void of distractions. They may need to join voice or video calls with important clients or bosses, which may need peaceful environments that are free from noises. People can use the basement home offices during these times. They are still near their families and can attend with emergencies immediately while making sure that important work meetings are not disturbed. In addition, there are people who may need to use separate areas in their houses to help them concentrate on their jobs. These people may have been using their bedrooms to do their jobs at home. For some, this setup can work for them. However, other people find working in their bedrooms distracting and find it difficult to finish their tasks. But with a basement office, these people can put all their focus on accomplishing their deliverables during office hours.

  •   A basement home office is known to increase the resale value of a house.

Within the real estate market, there are many buyers who prefer to look for houses that have already finished basements. These people may look for houses with basements with different types of finishes like offices, gyms, and family rooms. People who are into their own businesses or are currently working from their homes prefer to buy houses with their own offices. Even if these houses are given higher market prices, some people are known to proceed with purchasing them just because they do not have to renovate the basements of these houses.

  •       You can design your basement office.

When you hire the services of a basement renovations contractor, you actually benefit from the evaluations and advice that it can give to you. You may have your preferred design for your basement office, and with the help of the contractor, it will try to accommodate your requirements to what is feasible, legal, and structurally allowed. Some designs may not be possible due to the limitations found within your basement, but a contractor will find ways to try and make the most out of the area to give you what you want. Also, moving things into the basement will be easier since the employees of the contractor can help you during the setup of your appliances and furniture. There may be times that these things will need to be placed inside the basement while still in the renovation process to properly fasten them on certain structures.

  •       It can turn relatively unused space of your house into income-generating space.

A basement home office can be personally used by a homeowner or can be rented out to other businesses. Basements are originally used for storage. However, using it in this way is not wise since it wastes a good amount of space inside your house. By opening your own business inside your basement office, then you are earning as your own company. For those who do not want to use their basements as their own offices, they can set them up in ways where they can rent them out for businesses that are looking for office spaces. By creating an entrance that would let people enter the basement office from outside the house, this assures the residents that they are not disturbed by the company employees. In addition, utilities may be set up separately so that the company will pay for its usage. The basement office can be treated as a separate entity from the house.


As it can be seen, having your own basement office can help you be successful with your jobs or businesses. Converting your basement into an office ensures that the space will be used efficiently. It can also be used to add income to the household. However, always remember that you must make sure that the basement is renovated properly. You should always make sure that your basement office follows all the standards in the building code to avoid getting shut down by the government. Also, invest in having a reputable contractor renovate your business so that the job will be done excellently. If you are currently looking for a contractor to renovate your basement, you may contact Basement Now at 647-370-1399.

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