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Basement Now provides personalized Basement Renovation and Finishing Services in Toronto for each client and home. Because of this, prices are not exact and can vary depending on a variety of factors. However, to give you some idea of the cost of basement renovations for your home, and the different levels of renovation types, this page gives you some generalizations and guidelines to go by. For exact estimates, we welcome you to call us at 647-370-1399 to schedule a consultation.


High-End “Name Brand:” When choosing a basement renovation company, it would seem that the higher the price tag, the better the job. However, companies using well-known brands are often at least 15% more expensive and there is little difference in quality.

Mid-Grade Price: For many basement renovations, this is the sweet spot where you get all the qualities you need, such as licensed and bonded workers and services along with quality products, without the hefty price tag of other higher end companies. provides services in this range for optimal results for each client.

Bargain Pricing: One place you don’t want to simply pick the cheapest price is in basement finishing. While you may save a few hundred or even thousands of dollars over mid or high prices, this savings will evaporate when you find yourself having to get massive repairs later on. Often, when you get a price estimate that is much lower than other companies, the reason it’s lower is that the product qualities are inferior, the workers untrained and the job is rushed with many corners cut.

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Size of Basement: One of the biggest deciding factors in cost is the size of your basement. This will determine how much material is used and how much time it takes to place it.

Price per Square Foot: While a larger basement will cost more overall, the cost per square foot will be less due to many similar costs being spread over a larger amount of square feet. For basements up to 900 feet, the cost per square foot will be between $35 and $52 while basements up to 2,000 square feet will be between $28 and $33.

Floor Plan Type: Standard floor plans will have measurements that allow standard pieces to be used. Non-standard floor plans will require more materials to be specially cut and will add up to 5% to your bill. Higher ceilings above the standard of 8 ft will also add up to 10% to your final costs.

Extras: Basement Renovations Now offers a wide range of extra options for affordable costs, such as custom flooring, bar and kitchen additions, and other plumbing.

For the most accurate cost estimates, please call us at 647-370-1399 to schedule a consultation with a trained Basement Renovations Now representative.

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