Basement Floor Plans

Leave your options open with an open floor plan from Basement Renovations Now! If you can’t decide on a single use for your basement, let an open basement floor plan be your key to getting everything you want and more.


Striving to be the best basement renovation company in Toronto, Basement Now has the skill and experience to transform your basement into one large living space with multiple options for creating different sections and rooms as you see fit. With our open floor plans you can incorporate a variety of options without limiting yourself, including space for:


  • Home gym
  • Entertainment room/home theater
  • Children’s play area
  • Home office
  • Living space
  • Optional plumbing and electric additions


Why an Open Concept Basement Floor Plan Works?


Open floor plans for your basement are an ideal solution for many homes because they give you additional living space without the need for building additional walls or installing extra plumbing. They are also easier to renovate as your needs change. For example, you can easily move gym equipment out of the way if you decide you would prefer to change the area into a home theater area or if you want to create more of a bedroom/living space.


Deciding on Your Open Concept Basement Floor Plan


Ready to open up your basement with an open concept floor plan? Basement Renovations Now has a variety of options and styles to customize your basement now. Leave the floor plan open and personalize the space with quality flooring and wall finishing and add to your comfort with premium insulation and much more.


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